On January 19, 2004, my wife, Shelley, experienced a major stroke at the age of 44. Hastily gathered within a small hospital meeting room, I remember the looks on everyone’s faces within our family as the neurosurgeon shared with us her dire circumstance. If they didn’t quickly stop the swelling from the trapped fluids within her ever-expanding brain, she would surely die.

Right before he performed an emergency craniotomy, he bluntly informed us that he would like to try and save her life because she was so young, if I wanted him to, but he believed that she was already too far gone.

By the mercy of God, her life would be miraculously spared. About two months after her stroke, Shelley, began to write in a daily devotional. Contained within this book are some of her personal struggles with all of the physical and emotional highs and lows. I know what I felt as I read her scribbled entries. She was learning to write again, causing the handwriting to be somewhat shaky.

They deeply touched me as I felt her heart and innermost feelings during the early part of her recovery. It is a very personal part of her story that I believe will bless anyone who takes the time to read and meditate on the priceless nuggets, especially those who are going through a similar state of suffering.

Through the sharing of Shelley’s heart we also pray that the Lord will comfort and encourage those with heavy hearts, struggling with an overwhelming sense of despair and discouragement. The dark clouds of hopelessness can mercifully be removed in the light and love of Jesus Christ’s embrace. He specializes in bringing order out of seeming chaos. Praise the name of the Lord!