A few years ago I felt myself being drawn to the Lord regarding what exactly He wanted me to share with the couples whom I was going to counsel before marrying them off. There are innumerable “how-to” books and seminars concerning marriage for those who want to know more. I was led to some very basic mountaintops of knowledge, leaving the rest of the mountain to be explored per their own desires. In other words, I would leave it to them to dig further if they were interested in more. Over the years I have learned that you can waste a lot of time giving answers to those who are not even asking the questions.

Because the Lord knows the heart of everyone, including all past experiences, inner wounds, etc., we always seem to flow into their specific areas that we need to but are not on the study. They always surface when God’s light is present. Click on the attached pdf file for some simple, basic insights that my wife and I share when doing pre-marriage counseling. I pray they will bless you too, even if you have been married for years.

Biblical Principles For Marriage