Capstone Ministries was birthed by the Lord through very difficult circumstances. Our message was forged in the fiery experiences of following our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are also the directors of Network 153 which is a nonprofit organization committed to international outreach. Our goal is to network with different cultures, exposing them to the love of Jesus Christ through teaching and personal interaction.

On January 19, 2004, my wife, Shelley, experienced a major stroke at the age of 44 that almost claimed her life. This dramatic experience changed our lives forever. A couple of months later, the Lord called me to leave my job as a tool designer in order to work full time for Him.

Soon afterward, the Lord began to share His heart with me concerning the apostate condition of the church within America. The very difficult times we are about to experience will be used to purify and cleanse His Bride, preparing her for His return. We have been called to cry out against the sin that has leavened the Body of Christ. This is the last offer of God to the church to repent in order to be spared in the judgment that will soon engulf us.

I will never forget the scene before Shelley’s surgery as the neuro-surgeon spoke to our family. He bluntly stated; “She’s young, and I’ll try to save her if you want me to, but I believe that she is already too far gone.” Stunned, I replied “I want you to try.”

Right before the doctor performed an emergency craniotomy to try and reduce the swelling in Shelley’s brain, we all went into the room where she lay unconscious to say good-bye. I can still see the looks in everyone’s eyes as the tears fell in unbelief that we had come to this place so quickly. It appeared as though this could be the last time we would see her alive and breathing. After everyone calmed down in the hallway, we went as a family before the Great Physician. What a prayer meeting that was! Imagine your children crying out to God, pleading with Him not to take their Mother.

Meanwhile, thirty minutes from the hospital in a small chapel within our home town in Cedar Springs, Michigan, another emergency prayer meeting was quickly formed. They too were praying for the Lord to spare her life as she had influenced many in our area. Later that evening, we received the call from the surprised surgeon that Shelley had survived the four hour surgery. She regained consciousness a few hours later and defied all of man’s odds by the power of God. Mercifully, the Lord had resurrected my bride.

We have been entrusted with a “trumpet-like” ministry to awaken the sleeping Bride in America. We must prepare our hearts to meet our Heavenly Bridegroom. The power of God that resurrected my bride is a sign of the power of God that will also resurrect His Bride. Though she appears in our nation to be almost dead, like Shelley was, she too will be revived through the difficult circumstances that are soon coming upon her.

The days ahead for our nation, as well as the entire world, are going to be extremely difficult. They will be used to expose the true condition of our hearts. Their purpose is to purify and prepare the chosen Bride of Christ. Our prayer is that the revelation of His truth in this time would be used to stir you with a fresh determination to submit to the Holy Spirit’s leading in your life, and to walk in holiness and purity in preparation to meet the Lord. As we near the end of this age, we must get ready to enter into the holy place where our King dwells. Praise the Lord for the great things He is accomplishing in our day for His name’s sake!


Serving Jesus Christ,

Tim Bauer