This book is an urgent warning to the church in America, as well as the rest of the world, concerning what I believe is the plague of abortion. The innocent blood of miilions of babies cries out from our polluted land.

It’s a message directed, for the most part, to God’s people. The Lord holds His people responsible for the plague of abortion that is killing the defenseless in the womb, not the world. This was made crystal clear to me.

God expects the world to be ungodly, that’s what they are. The issue He has with the church in America in particular is the ungodliness that has leavened the entire lump. Our sin is affecting the rate of decadence in the world. As the church goes, so goes the world.

His judgment draws near to our land while His people continue in stubborn rebellion against His Lordship over them. We must repent while there is still time.