This book has been on my heart since the days I sat in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital where my wife, Shelley, laid, miraculously recovering from her stroke in late January, 2004. 

One sleepless night in Shelley’s room I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You’re going to write a book about this.” At that time, besides some simple journaling, I had never written much of anything. 

Throughout the weeks of Shelley’s rehabilitation and recovery, the Lord began to share His heart with me regarding the current condition of His Bride. He revealed much concerning her purification and preparation before His return. 

I also received a revelation regarding the final revival of her in America that will affect the entire world. It was revealed to me that though she appeared in our nation to be almost dead, as with Shelley, that she too will be resurrected through the difficult circumstances that she will encounter. 

The reason the darkness has increased with lightning speed across our land is because of the absence of light coming through God’s people. The issue at hand is not the ungodly in the world, but the ungodly in the church. We need to repent from our dead religion and useless rituals. 

This writing began about one year after Shelley’s stroke. A short time later, after hitting a wall where I wasn’t receiving any direction from the Holy Spirit on what to write next, I laid this book aside. It idly sat for the next fourteen years while I wrote other books. 

In January of 2019, the Lord began to stir my heart that it was now time to finish this one. As I spent time with the Lord, new revelations came to me that have been added to the older ones. 

This exhortation was birthed out of the extremely difficult times the Lord placed our family in. The fiery trials that we are all now experiencing will be used to purify and prepare the chosen Bride of Christ before His glorious return. 

Our prayer is that as you read you would be deeply moved by the Lord to draw close to Him while the door of His mercy remains open. May the Holy Spirit place within you a fresh determination to submit to His leading in your life, and to walk in holiness and purity in preparation to meet our Heavenly Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, without shame. 

We praise the Lord for the great things He has done in our lives, and will continue to do for His name’s sake. May our story and the revelations from the Lord that were given to us be used for His glory. Praise the Name of the Lord! 

The Resurrected Bride PDF