After many years of separation, Jacob is about to meet his brother, Esau, face to face. Fearing for his life, he has an interesting encounter the night before, wrestling alone with “a man” through the night until daybreak.

After Jacob had the socket of his thigh dislocated, the man said to him, Let me go, for the dawn is breaking. Jacob said that he would not let go until He blessed him. I see in this passage of Scripture a picture in type of the last days Christian that holds on firmly to the Lord in a very dark, difficult period on earth until the dawning of a new day.

After wrestling with God and man, these “Sons of Dawn” arise, like Jacob, having overcome and received God’s blessing. As we turn toward the Lord in our hearts, facing Him and our inner struggles, He will cause His face to shine upon us, thereby granting us entrance into our spiritual inheritance at the end of this age.

In the second part of this book I share a revelation regarding a woman who was “bent-double” by Satan for eighteen years. Jesus called her over to Himself, laid His hands on her, and healed her. Her being enabled to stand up straight is a picture of the Body of Christ being set free from that which binds us so that we may walk in an upright, righteous manner in complete victory.

The pressure of God applied at the end of this age will cause us to rise up, like Jacob, in the dawning of a new day. Like the bent-double woman, we too will straighten up, unhindered by the devil, and walk in complete obedience.

May the Lord bless all who read this with even greater revelation knowledge, for His name’s sake. May this message of great hope also make us more determined to hold firmly onto the Lord until He blesses us in the dawning of a new day. To God be the glory!


The Rising Of The Sons Of Dawn Book 2 PDF