As we near the end of this age, a call is going out from God to His children to gather for the wedding feast. Many who have previously been given an invitation are not listening. These are Christians who began the race but will not stand firm until the end so as to be saved (Math. 10:22; 24:12-13). They have become entangled again with the things of this world and are among those counted in the great apostasy right before the return of Christ (2 Thessalonians 2:3).

Like the natural, special garments are to be put on by faith in eager anticipation of what is about to occur. Some are already dressed in readiness, keeping their lamps lit and filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit as they eagerly await the return of their Master. Others, as pictured by the foolish virgins, are not taking seriously the warning of God in this midnight hour. They stubbornly refuse and scoff at the Holy Spirit’s urging to put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this writing we’ ll start by looking at the distinct characteristics between those who are among the “called,” and those who are among the “chosen.” We’ll continue from there into many revelations to help us understand the hour we are now in and the urgent need to prepare our hearts, including the final revival that will bring faith to completion in the Body of Christ.

May you be stirred in this increasingly dark world to stay the course in righteousness and purity, preparing your heart by faith in eager anticipation of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. To God be the glory!

Tim Bauer

The Rising Of The Sons Of Dawn Book 3 PDF