What is the truth regarding the relationship between our works as a Christian and salvation? In this writing I expose the lies of the devil that have kept many of God’s people in bondage for years.

Most of us in the church have been taught that works play no part in our salvation. As we will see, there is a difference between what the Bible refers to as works of the law, and the works of faith. One is led by the will of man, the other by the Spirit of God. Jesus has much to say about both.

The first thing mentioned by Jesus in His rebuke of the church in Sardis was “I know your deeds.” Works was the very first thing He brought up. This church wasn’t the only one of the seven mentioned at the beginning of the book of Revelation to hear this. In fact, with five of the seven, works were mentioned in their rebuke. As we will come to acknowledge, the emphasis of the Holy Spirit in the Bible on this subject cannot be ignored.

Tim Bauer

The Rising Of The Sons Of Dawn Book 4 PDF